There are some projects and some clients that are just fun from the minute you start collaborating….. Network Connecticut is one of them.

If you live or work in Connecticut and don’t already know Ann Nyberg you are missing one of our state’s best ambassadors! Ann is our safe place.  The person who tells it to us straight.  No side agendas, no ego, no phony.  She is all about helping others, promoting our state, encouraging us all to make connections and making the state a better place to live and work.  She is always on, always there and always willing to help out.  So it made total sense for her to pair with a dream team to create this movement.

Network Connecticut is about us.  It’s a place to go to learn, to explore, to Get Your Word Out. It’s about learning more about businesses with original content like the regular podcast Upside with Mike Maguire.   It’s about finding fun things to do through it’s happenings posts.  It’s about showing who we really are and enjoying a laugh via Booth Babble. It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s interesting and it’s TOTALLY Ann!

A huge thank you to the Network Connecticut team of Ann Nyberg, Noah Finz, Heather Colby and Mike Maguire for trusting their dream of what Network Connecticut can and will be to dreamscapes design group.  As a resident and business owner in the state, I am truly excited about this site and to see how it evolves.  Thanks for caring.  Thanks for sharing.

We are Network Connecticut.