Zsa Zsa Gabor


I read a great article on the Huffington Post on why we should bring back landline phones. The timing was perfect because I was just thinking the other day about how much I miss lying on my childhood bed, legs against the wall on my pink princess phone, twirling the cord and talking for hours  to either my best friends or some boy I currently had a crush on.  My sister and I still laugh to this day about the all out wars we had over who got to the phone first and my kids will never know the pure joy in untangling a very long cord by dangling the headset and watching it spin.

In a day where text messages are replacing phone calls all together and long conversations on a cell phone will either burn your ear or kill brain cells {the jury is out on that but it can’t be good for you!} I agree that the landline phone should make a comeback.

What’s your take? Do you still use a landline phone?

//top image found here  // bottom image my old dreamscapes blue phone in my bedroom.  I’m still searching for the rotary version!