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My sister Aimee and her husband Seth live in NYC.  When pregnant with their first baby, my ADORABLE niece who is almost two, they were on a reality show called Pregnant in Heels.  The premise in case you haven’t seen it {and really, most of you probably haven’t!} is taking successful, pampered couples and shocking them with how little they know about parenthood and preparing them for how radically their lives will be changed with the new addition.  {If they aren’t shocked and are actually competent, the show will make sure they at least “act” shocked and incompetent! But hey, it’s reality right?} These moms are reluctant to give up their glamorous lives {and heels!} for the typical stereotypes {enter oversized sweatshirts and yoga pants} of new motherhood.

And then the reality show ends and reality hits.

But just because you don’t have as many occasions to wear your newest Christian Louboutin’s doesn’t mean you can’t still be on trend.  And while many new mom’s might find themselves trading in their heels for more practical sneakers, here are some suggestions from my always fabulous sister and a few of my personal faves for how to be running from playdate to brunch with the girls on the Upper West  in style without ruining your fresh pedicure.

Each of these hits on a different style moment.  Bensimon are my go to sneaker when I want to channel simple Parisian chic.  They are the ultimate throw on and go and still look fabulous. Converse in either canvas or leather.  Who doesn’t own a pair of these? OK fine.  I own 8.  But they’re timeless!  Superga sneakers seen all over the streets of NYC and on celebrities everywhere. Floral Givency….because we all have a girlie side.  Saint Laurent studded laceless which transform any plain jeans and t-shirt outfit into the ultimate rocker chic. .  And finally, Ash high tops.  We all need a little street cred!


This past weekend was rainy.  Today, rain and I think I saw some snow.   Ahhh the joys of Spring! Perfect time to rock some cute rain gear 🙂

My favorites?

burberry boot

The Burberry rain boot.  I have had mine for years and they never get old.



No surprise here! The Hunter boot is a classic.  Deciding which color is the hard part.  I started with the black original tall version. I wear them constantly.  Then recently, I had to add the red ones just for when you need a little pop!

And don’t forget the kiddos! They are the ones that still have the youth in their hearts {and bodies} to splash, run and jump in the puddles! Try these to make sure they stay dry in style.

Kids Raincoats

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//Loeffler Randall // Kaanas {sold out but other colors here and great deal here}
Stella McCartney // Rebecca Minkoff

I have been loving these shoes since I was little.  They scream either I am on vacation or it’s Summer time! Comfortable and lightweight yet more supportive than flip flops, these shoes have always been the epitome of cute practical.  This season we are seeing a new spin on these longtime favorites and while there are SO many I could post, I thought I would focus on the ones with the edgy leather/black cap toe.  How I love a little edge! This style takes the look from casual fun, to casual chic.  And the beauty of these shoes is they don’t break the bank! {OK the Stella ones will but It’s Stella McCartney…so I’ll admire them from afar.  But oh so amazing and probably worth every penny!}

Honorable mention… These Tory Burch ones don’t fall in the edgy category but are totally girlie and perfect for Summer!

Tory Burch
And the deal of the day!! These from the Gap are more traditional but in the $30 price range, so hello!  I also love this pair from Anthropologie and they are also a great deal.