There are some projects and some clients that are just fun from the minute you start collaborating….. Network Connecticut is one of them.

If you live or work in Connecticut and don’t already know Ann Nyberg you are missing one of our state’s best ambassadors! Ann is our safe place.  The person who tells it to us straight.  No side agendas, no ego, no phony.  She is all about helping others, promoting our state, encouraging us all to make connections and making the state a better place to live and work.  She is always on, always there and always willing to help out.  So it made total sense for her to pair with a dream team to create this movement.

Network Connecticut is about us.  It’s a place to go to learn, to explore, to Get Your Word Out. It’s about learning more about businesses with original content like the regular podcast Upside with Mike Maguire.   It’s about finding fun things to do through it’s happenings posts.  It’s about showing who we really are and enjoying a laugh via Booth Babble. It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s interesting and it’s TOTALLY Ann!

A huge thank you to the Network Connecticut team of Ann Nyberg, Noah Finz, Heather Colby and Mike Maguire for trusting their dream of what Network Connecticut can and will be to dreamscapes design group.  As a resident and business owner in the state, I am truly excited about this site and to see how it evolves.  Thanks for caring.  Thanks for sharing.

We are Network Connecticut.





At the end of last year we signed on a new client who we have been LOVING working with.  You know when it’s just the right combination of a cool business with AWESOME people? That’s this client.  No joke. They love what they do and they love their customers. They are professional, fun, caring… Mystic Jet Center rocks.

When we were first talking about creating their new website, we knew immediately that we wanted an image driven site.  Mystic Jet is a special place and our minds immediately went to big sky, the sun gleaming off shiny planes, long runways…. this was going to be awesome! We knew we needed the right photographer to capture what I had in my head and translate it into images that we could use to showcase who they are in their collateral.  That meant hiring Steve DePino.  If you haven’t seen his work {is that possible??} you have to check it out.  He’s just damn good. ‘Nuff said.

The day we originally scheduled for the shoot got totally snowed out which meant I was scrambling to find some new models for our makeup day.  Thanks to those friends I coerced to give up a chunk of their day to make this happen.  Don’t you just love friends who will actually rearrange their busy schedules and come to your rescue in your hour of need?  You guys are the best! To make this family shot happen I had to borrow a girlfriend, a different girlfriend’s husband and a third girlfriend’s children! Hey, whatever it takes!


The images speak for themselves.  They completely set the mood for their online presence and we can’t wait for their site to launch in the next few weeks!  This is just a sneak peak.

And here is a picture of us on the shoot.


We finished the day by going up in one of the small planes so we could get some great shots from the air.  And I managed to keep it together without getting sick.  A successful day I think. Steve even snapped this shot of me wishing Ken a happy birthday while in the air.  I’m surprised I don’t look green!

birthday Ken

And that’s a wrap.



I decided to create a regular feature called, Wine Wednesday so I can use my winery background and share some of my favorite finds! I’ve been fortunate to have lived in Calistoga, CA which is the Northern most town in Napa Valley and then moved to Connecticut in 2001 to start our own winery.  When I made a major life change and left in 2008 to start dreamscapes design group, I was able to use my years of experience in the wine industry to consult for other wineries.  This is one of my favorite parts of what I do and feel lucky to have worked with so many incredible wineries throughout New England.

One of my favorite clients is Stonington Vineyards.  Owners Nick and Happy Smith were the first ones to welcome us when we joined the CT Wine Trail and to be able to work with them in re-energizing their winery is a dream come true! As part of this effort, they are undergoing a major renovation of their Tasting Room space which will be unveiled in the beginning of June and we’ve created many new fun events to enhance your winery experience.

They recently released their Cabernet Franc, and it is not only one of my favorites they produce but one of my favorite Cab Francs in the region.  With abundant forward aromas of dark berries with hints of earthiness and a backbone of soft tannins, this is the perfect wine for the unpredictable March weather.  You can purchase it at the winery or online and this wine will only get better in the bottle.


//image by Leslie Dumke Studio


The Table

The Table

In January my boyfriend Ken and I got to experience the culinary delight named The Table.  This pop up dinner series, put together by one of my favorite client’s A Thyme to Cook, beyond exceeded expectations. You don’t know where the dinner will be held until 24 hours before the event and the meal showcases seasonal flavors all locally sourced.  I got to catch up with old friends and made several new ones as well! February’s dinner also featured local wine from another beloved client, Stonington Vineyards.

The January event was featured in New Haven Living magazine with a little quote from moi! Tickets for the March dinner can be purchased here. They sell out quickly so don’t wait! If you’ve attended one of their dinners previously, check your inbox as they are extending a limited time offer for past guests only!  Have you attended one of these dinners? If so, let me know about your experience!!

//images by Leslie Dumke Studio