Camping Survival

1//BareNaked Wipes because every camper needs a fresh, clean face AND they’re biodegradable.  Totally counts as camping gear.
2//Solar iPhone charger.  Yup, I’m going there. Can you Facebook check-in in the woods?
3//Joseph Phelps Insignia.  Can be your wine of choice but notice this is a Magnum. No explanation required.
4//Starbucks Via.  I think this is the exact situation that they make these for.
5//Burts Bees Insect Repellent. Why commune with nature if you’re going to slather yourself in chemicals?
6//Sugar Lip Balm because a dry campsite is good, but dry lips are bad.
7//Barefoot Dreams Cozy throw…it’s what every glam girl needs to be wrapped in while hanging by a campfire.  If you close your eyes you almost feel like you’re in a luxury hotel… well, almost.
8//A cool bandana.  Camping = bad hair day.  This way you can still look cool in style!

This happens to me every May.  As soon as the weather starts to turn, my gardens start calling me and I go into spring immersion… completely absorbed in getting my outdoor spaces ready to be lived in for the next three seasons.  So that was the cause of the long silence of the past two weeks for this Shoreline Girl!  But with everything planted, weeded, mulched, fertilized, staked, trained, tied and fluffed…. I’m back! {Although a little more sore than before I started!}

Ready or not, Memorial Day weekend is here! And with it, the official start to the season.  Do you have any fun plans?

In an attempt to bond our blended families, Ken and I are going…wait for it…

For any of you who know me personally, my idea of camping usually refers to staying at a hotel that has less than 4 stars next to its name.  I’m not sure if it’s the lack of electricity, the over abundance of bugs and untamed animals or just the ever present smell of wet campfire that has me less than enthused. Nonetheless off we go!  Here is my glam girl’s survival guide to making it through a camping weekend while maintaining your sanity!  {Thanks to our new client, Jacqui Stafford for introducing me to the term “Glamping!”}

And sweetheart, don’t be worried.  I am totally grounded in reality.  It’s going to be just like this right?





1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

While I love to dream over fashion glossies and tech trend blogs, real life also has its more serious moments and so this blog will too from time to time.  After turning 40 this summer, I’ve been having more moments that make me ask, “what’s that??” And while most of those questions are referencing skin that I swear seemed tighter just yesterday, {honey, did the inside of my elbow always crinkle like that??} sometimes you really should pay attention.

OK mom…this is your I told you so moment.

I went to the dermatologist Monday for an annual once over and as my appointment was nearing an end and I got the clean bill of health I threw in one last question.  “Oh yeah! This little bump on my forehead, is there anything we can do for that?” It was really more just annoying to look at and I figured they could just freeze it off or something.  Me and my vanity!

And then she said, “Oh.  We should actually biopsy that.”  BIOPSY? There must be some mistake.  It’s just an enlarged pore.  One that has been growing ever so slowly that no one would even notice but me. I figured they are a dermatologist office and they just must be over cautious about all this stuff, right?  Sure, biopsy it.  In a second I was done, I grabbed a pamphlet on Botox {were those lines there last week?} and off I went.

Yup.  Basal Cell Carcinoma.  Drat.  All those years of my mother yelling at me to stay out of the sun.  Why is she ALWAYS right??  So in two weeks I am off to a doctor I don’t know to have a procedure I never heard of and while I know I should be grateful that I caught it early, all I can really think of are two things.

1.  How badly is this going to scar??

2. Now I need to add a kick ass sunblock to my daily routine.   And since I am a no fuss girl who hates to wear a lot of makeup it needs to feel…well not like sunblock!

So here are my top 5 picks for good for you sunblocks that protect AND feel like a luxurious face lotion. Which yes mom, I will be wearing daily.