There are some projects and some clients that are just fun from the minute you start collaborating….. Network Connecticut is one of them.

If you live or work in Connecticut and don’t already know Ann Nyberg you are missing one of our state’s best ambassadors! Ann is our safe place.  The person who tells it to us straight.  No side agendas, no ego, no phony.  She is all about helping others, promoting our state, encouraging us all to make connections and making the state a better place to live and work.  She is always on, always there and always willing to help out.  So it made total sense for her to pair with a dream team to create this movement.

Network Connecticut is about us.  It’s a place to go to learn, to explore, to Get Your Word Out. It’s about learning more about businesses with original content like the regular podcast Upside with Mike Maguire.   It’s about finding fun things to do through it’s happenings posts.  It’s about showing who we really are and enjoying a laugh via Booth Babble. It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s interesting and it’s TOTALLY Ann!

A huge thank you to the Network Connecticut team of Ann Nyberg, Noah Finz, Heather Colby and Mike Maguire for trusting their dream of what Network Connecticut can and will be to dreamscapes design group.  As a resident and business owner in the state, I am truly excited about this site and to see how it evolves.  Thanks for caring.  Thanks for sharing.

We are Network Connecticut.


Camping Survival

1//BareNaked Wipes because every camper needs a fresh, clean face AND they’re biodegradable.  Totally counts as camping gear.
2//Solar iPhone charger.  Yup, I’m going there. Can you Facebook check-in in the woods?
3//Joseph Phelps Insignia.  Can be your wine of choice but notice this is a Magnum. No explanation required.
4//Starbucks Via.  I think this is the exact situation that they make these for.
5//Burts Bees Insect Repellent. Why commune with nature if you’re going to slather yourself in chemicals?
6//Sugar Lip Balm because a dry campsite is good, but dry lips are bad.
7//Barefoot Dreams Cozy throw…it’s what every glam girl needs to be wrapped in while hanging by a campfire.  If you close your eyes you almost feel like you’re in a luxury hotel… well, almost.
8//A cool bandana.  Camping = bad hair day.  This way you can still look cool in style!

This happens to me every May.  As soon as the weather starts to turn, my gardens start calling me and I go into spring immersion… completely absorbed in getting my outdoor spaces ready to be lived in for the next three seasons.  So that was the cause of the long silence of the past two weeks for this Shoreline Girl!  But with everything planted, weeded, mulched, fertilized, staked, trained, tied and fluffed…. I’m back! {Although a little more sore than before I started!}

Ready or not, Memorial Day weekend is here! And with it, the official start to the season.  Do you have any fun plans?

In an attempt to bond our blended families, Ken and I are going…wait for it…

For any of you who know me personally, my idea of camping usually refers to staying at a hotel that has less than 4 stars next to its name.  I’m not sure if it’s the lack of electricity, the over abundance of bugs and untamed animals or just the ever present smell of wet campfire that has me less than enthused. Nonetheless off we go!  Here is my glam girl’s survival guide to making it through a camping weekend while maintaining your sanity!  {Thanks to our new client, Jacqui Stafford for introducing me to the term “Glamping!”}

And sweetheart, don’t be worried.  I am totally grounded in reality.  It’s going to be just like this right?






dress from Anthropologie // Theory Blazer
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag // Rag and Bone shoes
Initial necklaces from Helen Ficalora

I love the flirty look of flounce top dresses.  They look light and playful on their own or you can throw a clean lined jacket over it to for a more smart look for work. The initial necklaces are a great Mother’s Day gift.  I got my A and G when my kids were little and then this one on Mother’s Day several years ago. {Mine is in rose gold with a small diamond}


Mother's Day


There is absolutely nothing in this world that gives me more joy than being a mom.  Enough said.

So it’s no surprise to me that Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s a day that I get to celebrate not just being a mom, but also to thank MY mom for everything she has done for me throughout my life.   {And quite honestly, there aren’t enough days in my lifetime to ever thank her enough!}

{Hey ladies! Forward or share this post with the men in your life! You know they need help!}

Here are my picks for gifts that would make mom feel extra special.  And don’t forget the card!!  We’re a total sucker for that mushy stuff.  Hand drawn ones from the kids even better!

Samsung Galaxy S5
Personally I am an iPhone girl.  But I have total screen envy over the size of the Galaxy.  Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will give you more screen real-estate, but for a techie mom on the go this phone is very cool!

Butterfly Necklace
I have an obsession with cute necklaces for layering and this one by one of my favorite shops, Fragments, is great paired with others or as a standalone.  Just a pretty little bauble to add to mom’s collection! Enter code LOVEMOM2014 for 15% your purchase.  You know we can never have enough jewelry!

Double Wrap Coach Watch
A beautiful timepiece is always a classic gift that mom will remember forever.  I love the modern simplicity of this Coach watch and it can take her from a day at work, to the Lacrosse field and out to dinner with ease.

Bamboo Connecticut Cutting Board
If you’re mom is like mine, she is always entertaining! Little fun items for parties and the kitchen always make a great gift! I love this bamboo cutting board in the shape of my state! Perfect for displaying gourmet cheeses or for cutting baguettes when serving appetizers. Comes in other states too!

Fold over leather clutch
This Clare Vivier inspired monogrammed clutch found on Etsy by MimicDesign is adorable and the perfect grab and go bag for a chic mom who loves to lunch or grab drinks with her girls! I love a lot of things from this girl so have fun browsing her Etsy shop for great gift ideas!

Personalized Block Print Monogrammed Pillow
There isn’t a night that goes by that Ken doesn’t ask, “Why do we need so many pillows??” And my typical answer is, “Because they are pretty!”  We know you’ll never get it, but imagine how surprised she’ll be when you get her one of these to toss on her favorite chair, her side of the bed, or her spot on the couch.  Nothing says you love her more than getting her something that she loves, that you think is totally ridiculous! Monogrammed pillow from Red Envelope.  Free shipping on orders over $49.

bkr. Water Bottles
I adore these! I own three in different colors.  One for the office, one for home and one for my yoga bag {the toxin-free silicone sleeve is amazingly grippy during hot yoga!}  These are the perfect gifts for the healthy mom who’s also environmentally conscious. bkr bottles are  beautiful glass water bottles {better for your body + better for the environment} that are non toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, recyclable, dishwasher safe, doesn’t alter the taste of the water and saves the world.  OK, maybe that last one is a stretch, but it’s DEFINITELY a must have for any chic mom! $30-$40 per bottle.

Perfect Beach Bag
What Shoreline mom doesn’t want to look fabulous chasing her kiddos all over the beach? I came across these bags from a client inquiry to our studio and am a huge fan! East Wharf Bags comes straight out of Madison, CT and are popping up in Shoreline boutiques everywhere.  Made from real sails + nautical rope, these bags are the perfect balance of beach stylish and functional.  Choose from pre-made designs or customize your own! {I love her so much I booked her to be a vendor at the Stonington Vineyards Summer Festival in June!}

 Monthly Birchbox Gift Membership
What do you get the mom who has everything? Samples of things she doesn’t have! This is such a cool concept.  Sign mom for a membership to Birchbox and for $10 a month, she will receive high-end beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples delivered to her door once a month.  This is a cool way to allow her to try all sorts of products without wasting money on the full sized items! She can then purchase items she likes from her samples directly from the site. {Hey ladies… they have a men’s version too and Father’s Day is right around the corner!} The samples are also perfect for the mom who travels.

Chambord 8-Cup French Press
Sunday mornings are the break from the fast paced schedule that mom’s are known for. This is the morning where throwing a pod in the Keurig, is replaced with grinding the beans, boiling water and enjoying that rich tasting coffee you only can achieve with a Bodom French press.  Plus you look so glam reading the paper or your favorite glossy with this beautiful coffeemaker on your table. {Dad’s hint: on Mother’s Day also make the coffee for her.   But you already knew that… right?}

And there you have it! Everything I want for Mother’s Day! Wait…we only get one??