I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

I’ve had sick kids all week so our weekend is going to be pretty low key.  I’ve got great dinners taken out from Pasta Vita in Old Saybrook.  It’s one of my go-to places when I don’t feel like cooking and don’t want to feel bad about it!

Ken and I are heading to the wine + cheese reception for the Peter Kirkiles show at the Diane Birdsall Gallery in Old Lyme from 6 to 8pm tomorrow night.

And this weekend is Oscar weekend!  I love the guilty pleasure of sitting in my comfies in the living room and commenting on all the glamorous Oscar dresses!  Forget armchair quarterbacks… this is armchair styling!  Personally, it is all about Ellen for me anyway.  You can pick your winners here to play at home and then share online {thanks for the link Ann Nyberg} and here is one you can print and check!  And here are some cocktail recipes you can make at home to enjoy like the celebs do on Oscar night. Do you have any special Oscar plans or traditions?




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While I love to dream over fashion glossies and tech trend blogs, real life also has its more serious moments and so this blog will too from time to time.  After turning 40 this summer, I’ve been having more moments that make me ask, “what’s that??” And while most of those questions are referencing skin that I swear seemed tighter just yesterday, {honey, did the inside of my elbow always crinkle like that??} sometimes you really should pay attention.

OK mom…this is your I told you so moment.

I went to the dermatologist Monday for an annual once over and as my appointment was nearing an end and I got the clean bill of health I threw in one last question.  “Oh yeah! This little bump on my forehead, is there anything we can do for that?” It was really more just annoying to look at and I figured they could just freeze it off or something.  Me and my vanity!

And then she said, “Oh.  We should actually biopsy that.”  BIOPSY? There must be some mistake.  It’s just an enlarged pore.  One that has been growing ever so slowly that no one would even notice but me. I figured they are a dermatologist office and they just must be over cautious about all this stuff, right?  Sure, biopsy it.  In a second I was done, I grabbed a pamphlet on Botox {were those lines there last week?} and off I went.

Yup.  Basal Cell Carcinoma.  Drat.  All those years of my mother yelling at me to stay out of the sun.  Why is she ALWAYS right??  So in two weeks I am off to a doctor I don’t know to have a procedure I never heard of and while I know I should be grateful that I caught it early, all I can really think of are two things.

1.  How badly is this going to scar??

2. Now I need to add a kick ass sunblock to my daily routine.   And since I am a no fuss girl who hates to wear a lot of makeup it needs to feel…well not like sunblock!

So here are my top 5 picks for good for you sunblocks that protect AND feel like a luxurious face lotion. Which yes mom, I will be wearing daily.


RED Valentino

How sweet is this RED Valentino floral embroidery dress?? Can you tell I am already dreaming of warmer weather?  Today is the last day to take advantage of the sale at Shopbop and with the cost of this dress I will need that 30% off to afford it!  A girl can always dream.  Use code BIGEVENT14.  You can also usually find similar dresses at one of my favorite local shops, Silkworm of Essex Village.

I’d pair it with a simple, flat sandle like this one by K. Jacques.




When I was going through my divorce, my sister bought me a great gift from this fabulous store Sataya.   It was a darling little necklace that  was supposed to bring balance and peace to my life.  Needless to say, I have been a fan of their jewelry every since! I am currently coveting this stunning Sacred Sphere Mandala Cuff in Gold.  This is the perfect bracelet for the empowered goddess I now feel like 6 years later!